Why sponsor?

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An exhibition will be held along side the conference programme, running from the 6th of September until the 10th of September 2015. It will be held in the Hotel Boston on the same floor as the session hall, poster area and refreshments to ensure maximum visibility.

EIMM offers a range of Sponsorship options so that you can decide the best way to promote your brand and engage with prospective clients and colleagues in the field of Molecular Magnetism. Please see the Sponsorship options, Rates and conditions section for further details.

Why sponsor?

By sponsoring the ECMM 2015 you have the opportunity to

•Promote your organisation and raise your profile to a targeted professional audience;

•Promote your organization to national and international participants prior to, during and after the conference;

•Demonstrate your commitment to assisting the development of young researchers;

•Give your Organisations’ representatives the chance to mix informally with professionals from academia in Europe and all around the world;

•Be widely acknowledged for your support through web-based and printed material;

•Demonstrate the range and quality of your products and services to Scientific Experts; 

•Showcase/demonstrate new or upgraded product ranges;

•Maximise your exposure to Laboratories and Organisations both in Europe as well as world wide;

•Target new customers and strengthen existing relationships;

•Recruit new staff.

Your sponsorship contributes significantly to the promotion, planning and operation of the conference, reducing the overall cost of managing the event and enabling a higher level of participation and in particular it supports young researchers.


Who should sponsor the ECMM 2015?

Sponsorship is aimed at:

•Employers of science graduates.

•Provider of equipment associated with molecular magnetism research;

•Industrial users of nanoparticles and molecular magnets;

•Publishers working in the scientific community;